Invisible orthodontics for all!

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Get your perfect smile – with the 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM!

Everyone wants a confident smile. Now it can be yours, with the 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM. We can treat even the most severe problems with a combination of the world’s smallest clear brackets and a series of invisible aligners. The result: fast and effective treatment without compromising aesthetics along the way!

Advantages of the 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM

nearly invisible


treats most cases


The best of both worlds –
patented and proven

Orthodontists know that fixed braces are the most efficient way to straighten teeth, but these days patients want the aesthetics of invisible aligners. The 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM offers both! The first step involves ultra-thin transparent brackets and a super thin wire for major tooth movements. Our brackets deliver quick, precise results – and you can hardly see them! For the finer tooth movements, the second step needed to get your smile just right, we use a series of clear aligners designed from a 3D scan of your teeth. You won’t believe how fast it is!


Since 2018 we have treated over 300 patients with complex problems and helped them achieve their goal of a healthy, attractive smile. The 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM is quick and effective. We promise you will be happy with the results you get from this exciting new approach to orthodontic treatment!

Dr. Dr. Friedrich Widu
Specialist orthodontist, inventor of the

Are you ready to smile with confidence?

Have you always wanted straight teeth but worried that the available options weren’t aesthetic enough, or would take too long? Then the 2CLEAR™ SYSTEM is the right choice for you. No matter how complex your dental situation may be, we’ll have you smiling fast! Our patented two-phase treatment allows us to treat even the most difficult problems without compromising aesthetics or comfort. It is fast, effective and easy.

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