Brackets Designed To Work With Aligners

The first orthodontic bracket designed to be an aligner attachment.

Using aligners to treat patients with severe crowding, major rotations, angulation issues and those with teeth that require extrusion and intrusion can be challenging if not impossible with aligners alone. That’s why we invented the 2CLEAR System.

Start with our ultra-thin, ultra-clear self ligating brackets to resolve major tooth movements.  Leave the brackets on as attachments when the patient is ready for the aligner phase to speed treatment. The brackets are designed to make it easy for patients to put on and remove their aligners.

With the 2CLEAR  ™  SYSTEM, a 50 aligner case can become a 20 aligner case. Patients won’t suffer the fatigue of two years in aligners and practitioners can regain control.

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Bracket and Aligner Attachment in One

Small, Smooth and Comfortable

2CLEAR Brackets are less than 1.4 mm thick, and so smooth to the touch, patients hardly notice them. The brackets feature a click-in slot that makes wire insertion a breeze. And the best part about the 2CLEAR Bracket is that it doubles as an aligner attachment, providing additional control during the aligner stage of treatment.

  1. ultra-low profile (1.4mm)
  2. low-friction material and slot design for excellent sliding mechanics
  3. self-ligating bracket with a slot that carries up to a 0.016 wire
  4. clicking sound when wire is fully seated in the slot
  5. easy-grip contour for holding bracket during placement and removal
  6. smooth, rounded surfaces (no sharp edges) to maximize patient comfort
  1. outlet for release of excess adhesive
  2. micro-retention bonding pad for optimized adhesion
  1. bevels for enhanced mechanical interaction with aligners
  2. specially angled surface for easy seating aligners

Have it your way

We make it easy for you to try the 2CLEAR System.

  • Order 2CLEAR Brackets only
  • Order 2CLEAR Brackets with a treatment plan that includes STL files for aligner fabrication
  • Order 2CLEAR Brackets, a treatment plan and let us make aligners for you

How does the 2CLEAR System work?

Our self-ligating brackets are placed by direct bonding. The brackets are designed to accommodate .014 and .016 NiTi wires. Because the 2CLEAR ™ Bracket offers excellent sliding mechanics, orthodontists can complete leveling, alignment and space closure with very these low forces.

To begin the aligner phase, the patient is scanned with their 2CLEAR ™ Brackets on. Orthodontists can order aligners from 2C MedTech, or send the files we provide to a third party for fabrication.  It is up to you.

During the aligner phase, 2CLEAR ™ Brackets provides anchorage for rotation, angulation, vertical and torque movements.

Advantages of the 2CLEAR ™ SYSTEM

Ideal for most indications

Better control and flexibility

Excellent aesthetics

Proven to be effective

Excellent aesthetics,

without compromised results.

It’s hard to convince patients with malocclusions far outside the indication of aligners to wear fixed labial appliances – metal brackets or traditional ceramic brackets. And many patients fear lingual treatment due to irritation of the tongue and interference with speech.

The 2CLEAR SYSTEM is the perfect solution for aesthetic-conscious patients with complex malocclusions. Orthodontists can deliver comfortable, aesthetic treatment without compromised results. And with the 2CLEAR SYSTEM it takes less time. Many 2CLEAR SYSTEM patients finish in 12 months or less with no need for refinements at the end of the aligner sequence.

Offer your patients discreet, effective treatment with the 2CLEAR SYSTEM today!

How it works

Initial bracket placement

The practitioner directly bonds the brackets and places the 0.14 round wire. After the 0.014 round wire is passive, a 0.016 round wire is placed

3D Scan or Impression

After the initial alignment of the teeth in phase one, the practitioner takes a scan of the patient’s teeth with the brackets still on or takes an impression and sends it to 2C Dental. This scan serves as the basis for planning the subsequent aligner phase of treatment using the brackets as attachments. This allows maximum treatment control for predictable results.

Aligner for phase 2 and refinements

For phase two, the practitioner may order 2CLEAR Aligners or request a treatment plan and STL files to make their own. These aligners move the patient’s teeth to the planned final position. If required, the practitioner can order additional aligners for refining the final result.

Are you ready to add the 2CLEAR SYSTEM to your practice?

Aligners have flooded the market. Different brands making big promises to patients that are hard to fulfill. Experienced practitioners know that aligners have limited applicability AND nothing delivers better results than fixed appliances. Isn’t it time to offer your patient a unique option that gives them the discreet treatment they desire and makes it easy for you to meet the standard of care you believe in. Shorten treatment time, gain back control and make your patients happy. That’s what it’s all about!

It’s easy to get started with the 2CLEAR SYSTEM. Contact us for more information.

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